How fun is our neighborhood?
Our teens ROCKED it out even more this year.
This was our 2nd annual back to school kickball tournament in the hood.

Click HERE for pictures from last year.

This year, they took it to the next level:
They even planned out the teams BEFORE the game this year.
But no worries, if you showed up and didn't have a team you still got to play.
Captain of the RED TEAM!
BLUE TEAM captains!
The game was VERY SPIRITED this year!
And he was SAFE!!
I love how you can see the sand flipping off the top of his sandal.
Even though he missed the ball, he still made it safe to 1st base! :o)
That boy can KICK!
This year he had it all figured out and didn't run past one single base.
There was no shortage of Popsicles!
Those that were too small to play found other ways to entertain themselves.
Mud puddles are seriously fun.
I'm not sure which team won.
It really doesn't matter.
Well, maybe it does if you ask the kids.  I'm sure there is a big dispute.
In fact, I just ask my kids who won the game and they said the blue team, but they were all on the blue team.
I wonder what the red team would say....
For me it doesn't matter.
It was just another fun day on the ROK.
Robert B
10/27/2013 07:03:14 am

Wow. Your pictures are really good and your blog looks great. I just got a reminder that it is your birthday tomorrow and since I don't have Facebook I can't send you the easy Facebook Happy Birthday. I hope you all are doing great, and I hope your birthday is a wonderful one and the year is filled with many blessings. Happy Birthday Trish. - Rob

11/1/2013 08:04:20 am

Thanks Robert!

10/31/2013 10:11:06 am

Love your story!!

11/1/2013 07:29:03 am

Great action pictures...looks like a lot of fun!

11/1/2013 07:31:25 am

Gosh...I really miss those kids :(


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