There are some things that one needs to experience in life.
Night shopping in Dongdaemun is one of them.
Suck it up, stay up late and hit the roads of Dongdaemun at 11PM.
I promise you will see things that will make you shake your head in confusion.
For example, this guy lounging in the street.
Packages, packages and more packages.
People shop, dump their stuff on the street and go back for more.
It appears some 'package areas' have a system.
While others do not.
The crazy thing about all of this.
No one steals anything.
It is all safe just sitting there on the street.
How awesome is that?
Can you see my friends in the next picture?
Someone did some serious shopping.
While out night shopping you might see men's napping tights...
I should have bought some for Hubby...
You will be able to find hats galore...
You might even find a little ol' lady in a box.
Or a chair on the street in case you are feeling a bit tired....
And just in case you need it, a mobile stationary store.
Need your stuff delivered? 
No problem there are tons of deliver men waiting to be hired.
You will even find some tasty treats (and some not so tasty treats) on the streets of Dongademun!
2AM & we are finally DONE!
The yellow tents open around 10PM.
I think the malls around 10AM and close at 4AM.
Purse Haven opens at 1AM.
Most things stay open till 4AM.
To get there go to Dondaemun around the Milgore... you will see the yellow tents across the street.
Just explore! 
Don't be afraid to go in every building or down every alley.
There is no telling what you might find! 
Happy shopping!
1/22/2014 07:07:12 am

Someday your children look back and remember what enriching childhood they had. You are world class parents. Wonderful.

1/22/2014 12:58:32 pm

Thanks John! That is so kind of you!

1/22/2014 07:10:41 am


Deanna James
1/22/2014 12:59:47 pm

Thanks for sharing some wonderful pictures. It brought back some fond memories with a touch of home sickness. I am so glad you are enjoying the Korean experance.

1/22/2014 10:26:42 pm

Kristen lewis
1/27/2014 12:46:54 am

We are moving to korea this summer with our 5 kids. I'm so glad my friend sent the link to your site. Such great info! Love the usma parks too! My husband and I graduated 94 and 96

1/27/2014 03:55:05 am

Thank you Kristen!
My husband graduated in 92 - I DID NOT.....
I was all ARMYed OUT because I was going to the Army/Navy game on Yongsang the next day, and well the Army/Navy Yongsang game is a BIG deal. ;o)
Plus, it is COLD here and as you know, those are WARM!

So glad you stopped by! I'm sad we will miss you....we are leaving this summer.

Have a GREAT tour!

1/27/2014 09:34:11 am

Thanks! We are excited about going! We've heard great things from so many people. I'm looking forward to going to lots of the places on your blog. We love hiking!

2/1/2014 09:12:26 pm

I love your pictures here. Hilarious!

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