**********NEW LOCATION  as of 12/11/13 -- (I have not been there, just got this information from a friend & I do not have directions.)      Seocho-gu Seocho-dong 1698-6 B1 (South gate of Acrovista and Sampoong Apts.) 서초구 서초동 1698-6 지하1층
It’s closed Mondays. Hours 10:30am-8:30pm and phone: 02-573-9607*******************

Christmas break has been filled with snow and COLD! 
At first it was grand - snowmen, hot chocolate, snowball fights, more hot chocolate & more snowball fights! 
We had a white Christmas and we couldn't have been more happy.
Then we had a white the day after Christmas, and the day after that, and the day after that and the day after that...
You get the idea.
Lots of white.
Lots of cold.
Snowmen weren't looking so exciting.
Neither were snowball fights.
These cold winters days turned into lots of inside time.
Well this past Friday was the last day of winter break and I knew I needed to get the kids out of the house and head out on an adventure! 
Lucky for me (and the kids and my friends) I had found an article on this great little café a few weeks back -  Norang, Coffee and Crafts!
Coffee for the mom's and crafts for the kids - and if that isn't enough of a win, win.... get this.... 
The best part is that the mom's get to drink coffee while the STAFF of Norang helps the kids with their crafts! 
A mom's PARADISE at the end of winter break! 
How awesome is that?!
There was only one tiny little problem. 
The directions. 
They sounded simple enough.
I was the fearless leader. 
I can do this.  No worries.
6 happy Mom's 13 happy kids - dressed and ready to hit subway. 

Long story short. We got lost. 6 frazzled Moms, 13 very unhappy kids wandering around in 18 degree weather for over 45 minutes.  I was afraid at one point that the children were going to turn on me and have me for lunch.  I kept saying 5 more minutes as I was fearful for my life.  I think at one point one child started growling at me & I'm pretty sure I saw fangs.  Thank God the owner of Norang took mercy on my soul and came where we were and guided us to the café.

So before this gets too ugly, let me give you directions.  Good directions.
Take Exit No.4 at Maebong Station (Orange/Line #3 Track).
Once you exit the subway TURN LEFT at the 1st intersection.
Walk until the street dead ends (maybe 5 minutes).
This is what it looks like:
When you get to the end of the street TURN RIGHT. 
Walk about 30 seconds and you will see Norang on your right.
It is that simple.
This is what the outside of the café looks like:
As soon as we arrived I ordered 13 hot chocolates.
There was heat.
There were crafts.
And within minutes all was forgiven.
There are rows and rows of shelves filled with crafts for the children to choose from - the cost was from 5,000 won - 25,000 won per craft and there are PLENTY to choose from!
Once your child picks their craft, the staff is there to help oversee the crafting process and to help the children with whatever they need.  They even have shirts to put on over their clothes to help the children stay clean.  Of course Boy 1 didn't have time for the shirt and went straight to work!  :o)
Happiness is a bucket full of paint.
She was so hard at work!
Look mom, I even painted my hot chocolate cup!
I love these girls!  When I told them to look up for a picture they told me to 'hold on a second' - and they proceeded to paint their hands for the picture! 
Drying his artwork!
So serious!
Their daily schedule.  Notice anything odd?  IT IS IN ENGLISH!  Did I mention the owner of this cafe (Gina) speaks perfect English!  She was so kind and helpful.  The customer service was FANTASTIC!   
How cute is this little area?  The kids are welcome to draw on the chalkboard and to color on/in the house.  This a GREAT place to bring the kids!  Boy 2 is considering having is birthday party here! 
They even have crafts to go! 
While the kids were happily crafting, the mom's were pretty happy themselves! 
Peanutbutter and banana sandwich!
I included this picture because I would really like this for my house! :o)
I give this place 5 out of 5 stars!  Everything about this place was great!  The staff, the food, the crafts, the drinks!  There is only ONE thing I would change, and that would be to add wine to their drink menu! 
Jo Morris
1/6/2013 11:52:10 am

Too bad I didn't hear you all were going so I could invite myself!
You could have had 7 happy Mom's 20 happy kids! lol
How many kids will this place hold Trish?

1/6/2013 11:54:16 am

Our group almost filled it. I think 20 would max it out. :o)
I put it on FB as an open invitation - too bad you didn't see it. I would have loved for your crew to have joined us!

1/6/2013 12:31:20 pm

This place was amazing and so worth the trek. Mom and kids were on a Norang high for the rest of the day. They excitedly showed off their little crafts (a dragon puppet for my 4yo and a painted pillow for my 2yo) to their dad and friends. The staff was uber friendly, the atmosphere cozy and sweet, the food yummy (getting the banana sandwich next time), AND they had beer... ;)

Love your post and pictures on this, Trish. A great find for sure!

1/6/2013 06:55:09 pm

I had the best time with you ladies! I'm so sorry my kids were so miserable for most of the "getting there" part. At least they were happy coming home. Both girls had a blast (love their crafts) and this mama thoroughly enjoyed the adult conversation!

1/6/2013 06:56:04 pm

By the way, was it my child that growled/showed fangs? Audrey's still confused about how long 5 minutes actually is... On Sunday, I told her something would be ready in 5 minutes and she said, like the other day 5 minutes or "real" 5 minutes?

1/13/2013 01:02:23 pm

Thank you all for visiting and thank you, Trish, for this kind and friendly review of Norang! Hope to see some of you back and more of your friends visit us in the future! : ) The Yangjaechun stream, which is right in front of our cafe, has its wonderful charms in the spring, too.

2/12/2013 11:54:34 am

Love the story of the trek there! I think all of my stories in Seoul begin this way! ;) I'm curious to go check this place out. How young would you say the crafts are appropriate for? Many of my friends have cars. Do you know if they have parking? Great post and pictures!

2/12/2013 02:03:48 pm

Thanks for stopping by!
They suggest they be at least 18 months -2 years.
I have a friend that drove there, but I'm not sure where the parking is. Jina is the owner and speaks great English so you could call her and ask. The number is in the first picture.
Have a GREAT time!

Marie Pellerin
12/11/2013 05:36:13 pm

That looks like a fun place! We may have to try it.

I googled, and they have a website, and possibly two locations.

Here's the site: http://www.norangcafe.com/xe/store
and I came up with these directions, although I haven't tried them.
--Subway Line 3 to Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education, take Exit 4, take the first left street, in 300m (two 1/2 blockks) it is located on the left side.

charlie wilde
4/4/2014 10:19:25 am

Anyone been lately? We are going this week. Just checking on directions. Thanks!


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