A few notes to make you giggle.

This one made me laugh every time I saw it. 
They were redoing the sidewalks near our house.
They poured the concrete with the timing so perfect that when the children got out of school the cement was like a blank canvas for any artist that sauntered by and really, who can resist a blank canvas?
You would see the poor guys out there smoothing it out a few hours after the kids got home and then after a few times of smoothing it out they decided to add this sign to all the barricades. :o) 
This went on for months.
Good stuff.
I love it.
The next few signs were found at the zoo.
Seoul Grand Park.
Most of the time you can figure out what a sign means, but this one?
12/28/2012 11:29:22 pm

Well, it just said not to scribble so printing, cursive and artwork were permitted.

2/6/2013 08:59:27 am

LOL! Those pesky American children!


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