Yesterday I posted about my new favorite Café here in Seoul -
Rest with Coffee and Book Café.
A Dr. Fish café.
Here are a few notes from the café.
I hope you enjoy them as much as girl and I did.

This one tells you how to use the café.
This one is on how to use skin care fish:
Just more about how to use skin care fish.
Good stuff.
And last but not least, here is the warning on the toaster oven.
Please be careful.  You would not want to get damage of fire.
1/30/2013 04:58:52 am

I love these so much
So funny

1/30/2013 05:02:57 am

Truly, OinK!

1/30/2013 05:29:10 am

Hahaaahaaa!!! Firstly, these are my favorite things to read. Secondly, I miss you!
Have you seen anymore t-shirts that are all wrong?

Tracy H
1/30/2013 06:44:50 am

I am with Kim! I love reading these posts. I just LOL. Miss you. : )


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