The more I wonder the streets of Korea, the more fun I have.  I know it is not nice to make fun of people or things and I kind of feel bad posting some of these things, but sometimes you just have to share the smile.  :o)

So Hubby did not think this was that funny, but it had me in stiches.  Kum Sung Motel.  That is just funny. (I know I'm sick and immature.)
Read it. Can you find the mistake?  It is like this at every Rotiboy.
What is Rotiboy you ask?
Bread of love.
Strong outside but soft on the inside.
Scooters and motorcycles go everywhere and anywhere in Korea that they want to.  This is in the fruit and vegetable alley at the fish market.  I swear every time I am here I think I am going to get run over by one of these scooter/motorcycle delivery guys.
I found this jewel of a sign in a local doctors office. 
As one of my friends said " If they're not smart enough to spell "tightening" correctly, then they're not allowed down there!"
What is "durasphere filler" anyway?
Till next time...
7/24/2012 11:58:32 am

Loves them, I love you sharing your eventful experiences. ;-)

7/24/2012 11:59:29 am

State of the art!

7/24/2012 12:14:43 pm

I'm immature too since I laughed out loud.

7/25/2012 07:12:01 am

Trish, I'm disappointed in you. You've never heard of "Tigthening"? Who hasn't heard of tigthening? Tigthening is a painless medical procedure to tigthen your genitals using duraspheric fillers to rejuvenate your life...and tigthen..things...of that nature.

Well, now you know.


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