What the WHAT, WHAT?!
That's an oxymoron if I have ever heard one!

BUT.....aren't they things of beauty?
I mean look at them....beautifully browned pancakes.
It really makes you think you are going to be munching down on some pretty tasty gluten.
But don't be fooled, this is NOT a pancake; just eggs & bananas in pancake clothing.
Before serving to my family I made sure to warn them:
"These are not pancakes.  The texture is different.  Don't expect to bite into a pancake, but just know they are good."
(My family knows if I don't approve of something it doesn't make it to the table - and with this new Paleo venture several things have not made the cut...)

I was nervous. I watched as they all took their first bite. 
Hubby wasn't thrilled, but continued eating.
BUT THE KIDS.....the kids GOBBLED them up and ask for more!
True story. 
They didn't even use syrup.
Ate them straight.
Ahhh, that warms this mom's heart.
Super hard recipe:
8 eggs
4 bananas

Toss in a blender and blend till the bananas are total mush.

Fry in coconut oil -  just like normal pancakes.

Top with Almond butter.

You're welcome. :O)
7/22/2013 12:02:01 am

I've made this version, and the coconut flour version too. Neither one had my 2.5 year old fooled. Now whenever I say I'm going to make pancakes for breakfast, she always asks, "Are you making real pancakes, Mama, or the other ones?" Haha, poor kid! I don't make her eat clean ones anymore :)

7/22/2013 05:22:00 pm

I don't make my kids eat clean either, but I do try to encourage healthier eating...I would say they are 75% clean & 25% DIRTY! ;o) But I love it when I find something they really enjoy like these crazy 'eggcakes' as they call them!
Thanks for stopping by Brenna!


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