It wasn't until Day 29 of the Whole 30 when I finally made a pancake worth eating.  And I happened upon them by mistake on Day 27 when I made them as 'tortillas' for a dish called 'Pork Avocado Cream Enchiladas' created by Julie over at PaleOMG. So, I take absolutely no credit for these, OK, well maybe for changing them from a tortilla to a pancake...BUT I didn't change the ingredients or create them, so take it for what it is -  a tortilla pancake Paleo sort of thing.  If you are looking for a 'TRUE' pancake recipe, don't make these.  If you are looking to heal your gut, lengthen your life, feel better all around (no, I'm not a doctor and I have no proof these will lengthen your life - don't sue me) then make these and eat them  :o)

Even my kids like these.

6 egg whites
3 TBL coconut flour
6 TBL coconut milk
1/4 tsp baking soda
Put everything in a bowl and mix away all the lumps! 
I used an immersion blender....
Toss a little coconut oil on your hot griddle and cook till bubbly, like this:
Make sure they are nice and bubbly before you turn them or you will get a clumpy mess.
Bam, a plate full of piping hot Paleo Pancakes, just like Momma used to make....or not.  :o)
Eat them just like this with some pure maple syrup, or if you are doing the Whole 30 check out the next picture...
OH yeah.....make a breakfast sandwich out of them!! 
Fried Eggs
Panchetta (or the sugarfree bacon if you can find it!)

I like them WAY better like this!
Proof that healthy eating doesn't have to be boring! 

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