Want a free one month membership to PCE?  
                                                            Keep reading!  I'm having a drawing one week from today!  

                                                                    When I heard about this company I thought:
                                                   "Wow, this is a GREAT thing for new people moving to Korea."

When I was invited to hear their sales pitch I went for one reason and one reason only - to help promote them to the "Newbies" moving to Korea.  As you all know helping newbies is what I love to do and what a great idea especially for those folks that are just moving here that might be a little apprehensive to get out and explore this amazing city on their own.

I didn't think for even one second that I would ever use PCE personally...I mean I have lived here for almost 3 years (if you add up both times) and I am good at figuring things out.  I mean I can speak pretty good Konglish,  I even thought "heck - I should work for this company".

           I left that informative session with more than information for this blog post....I left with a  membership.  
                                                                                              True story.
                                                                    So you ask me, "Why, what is so great about PCE?"

PCE is not only great for the newbies, but for everyone! They are your Korean best friend.  They can help you get things done EASILY.  It is no secret that living in a foreign country can be hard at times and sometimes you just want to throw your hands up in defeat, but with PCE in your back pocket you don't have to.  Just give PCE  a buzz and they will help you get things done in just a few minutes - instead of many hours of research. 

For example, a few things they have done for me:

Date night.  You guys know Hubby and I like to go out every Saturday Night - what you don't know is that I spend HOURS and I mean HOURS scouring the internet and looking at expat magazines searching for ideas.  When Paul over at PCE heard that we LOVE Thai food he recommended that we try out Yum Thai and then recommended a couple of places for us to visit after dinner - this was a whole new area of Seoul I had never explored!  It turned out to be a great night and I didn't research a thing! 

My Camera.  The lens on my camera got stuck - I know I could have researched, found a certified dealer and spent the day getting my camera fixed (and most likely get lost along the way..).  Instead I called PCE, dropped my camera off with them and they brought it back to me the next day 100% functional.  Bam.  It took me MAYBE 30 minutes instead of all day.

Translation:  I couldn't read something - took a picture of it, texted it to PCE they translated it for me in seconds. 

Buying stuff in Korea:  What a PAIN in the arse it is sometimes. You have to have a special Korean bank card of some sort. I don't have one.  I just want to use my debit card, but NO they won't let me.  Hubby and I want to see Jason Mraz in concert - I want VIP seating - VIP seating wasn't available for me to buy - in fact there were no seats available - standing room only was available and I would have had to go somewhere in town to purchase the tickets instead of from the ease of the chair I am sitting in right now.  SO what did I do?  That's right, I called PCE - told them what I wanted.  They were able to get us seats 2 rows behind VIP seating.  (Don't ask me how they did it...they are magical...).  They paid for it with their special little card and I paid them.  Easy as that.

                                               And this is just a tiny sampling of the things they can do for you.  

               SO, on Friday April 26th PCE is GIVING AWAY A ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP to one lucky reader!!
    All you have to do is leave a comment (Make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you if you win - I will be the only one able to see your email address and I will not share it with anyone unless you are the winner then I will give it to PCE!.)

Your one month free membership is valued at $50!

What you get:

Unlimited use of information.  (Questions, questions and more questions!)
Unlimited reservation services. (Hotel, restaurant, limo - need a reservation, they can do it for you!)
3 over-the-phone translations at any time!  (Imagine getting in a cab and your driver doesn't understand you....give PCE a call to translate!)

As a PCE member you will also be able to use their services for MUCH MORE than what is listed above!  Check out their Facebook page HERE for more information!
   Your PCE team in picture order:
VP Mr. Paul Yoon, CEO Ms. Si Hyun Lee, VP Mr. Mitch Kim
The drawing will be held on Friday 26 April at noon. 
I will announce the winner on my blog. 
PCE will contact you directly.
The one month free membership is good for the month of May, 2013.
David Gutierrez
4/18/2013 01:28:05 pm

PCE sounds great! Between work, kids, and the language barrier it can be tough to really make the most of our free time. It would be wonderful to have the support and experience of a team like PCE. I will have to check them out!

4/25/2013 08:37:22 am

PCE is excellent! I've used them several time - always with exceptional results. Thank you PCE for all you do!

Demra Ashmore
4/18/2013 01:29:52 pm

I have heard a lot of great things about PCE just have not signed up to use tgem yet.

4/18/2013 03:38:07 pm

me, me, me! I have been wanting this but couldn't get myself to do it not know what I would get in return.

4/18/2013 05:11:46 pm

Great service =)

Jenifer Viseur
4/18/2013 05:39:22 pm

Sounds awesome!! South Korea is such a wonderful place, lots to see and do!!

Brian McLaughlin
4/18/2013 06:06:50 pm

PCE is great. Every event and location they've suggested has been outstanding, service is always professional and staff if very helpful. From front row MISO theatre seats and watching my wife go up to participate onstage, to the relaxing spa, everything is classy. Thank you PCE for wonderful memories and more to come.

4/18/2013 06:28:47 pm

sounds awesome! Would love a free month!!

4/18/2013 07:01:36 pm

Awesome! I've been wanting to try them.

Laura Smith
4/18/2013 09:22:28 pm

I would love to win this and try out the company I hear so many good things about!

4/18/2013 09:54:38 pm

Sounds wonderful! Sign me up! ;)

Christy M
4/19/2013 11:03:46 am

Just arrived in Korea last night and would LOVE to try this out! Would love to start out our journey with some PERFECT experiences to tell all our friends about :)

4/19/2013 11:35:31 am

Christy - WELCOME TO KOREA, The Land of the Morning Calm! I hope this is a fantastic chapter in your life! :o)

4/19/2013 03:00:33 pm

Husband and I both AD, 4 kids and would cherish a PCE date night...or any date night for that matter! Thanks for the PCE insight :)

Sarah Arnett
4/19/2013 05:09:48 pm

I'll only have about a month left in country if I win--what a way to go out with a bang! There is still a lot we want to see and explore.

4/19/2013 11:40:43 pm

We'll arrive sometime in June, and having an "Ace in the Hole" would be great!

4/20/2013 07:28:04 am

We are headed to Korea in July and this sounds like a lifesaver. This is definitely something I could use.

4/21/2013 09:31:14 am

What a fun give away!! Pick me! Pick me! :)

4/21/2013 11:16:41 pm

I keep hearing, "Yeah, but what do I get?"

I think the best explanation is that people don't think they need it because they're not looking at Korea assuming PCE as a resource. So most doors are shut, many trips are out, and lots of places get put in the "That's nice. Maybe one day I'll research it out." pile.

Once you HAVE the resource at your fingertips, the barriers fall and you start looking at things in an entirely new light. "Hey, that looks like a cow farm gives tours that's all in Korean. Let's ask PCE" instead of "Korean Farm. Oh."

"Hey! That's a water park sign! There's the park! Write down that name, lets ask PCE so we don't have to drive 3 hours and pay out the nose for one day at a water park." Instead of "Oh, that looks like a water park. It's super close. Too bad I don't know how to get tickets or when it's open."

"Man I wish I could figure out how to use the T-Money cards in cabs and on the expressway or maybe even get a Hi-Pass." Turns into "Here's my card. Thanks! >zoom<" Or just straight to ">zoom<" :)

Or "Grandma wants a special trip with the kids but she can't drive in Seoul. So we'll put her in a taxi or I'll drive her out, stay with them and drive them back and only sort of ruin the special grandma time while I almost kill myself making the reservations and setting it up."

Turns into, "Grandma and the kids are getting picked up and checked into their hotel in Seoul, set up with tickets for fun, and being picked up and driven back with a stop for lunch so no one gets cranky and it's the best Grandma time ever had."

If you're worried you think you won't use it. Pretend for a few weeks that you HAVE a membership and see how the world changes. :)

4/23/2013 07:09:26 am

We will be arriving in July and we are ready to EXPLORE Korea! Sounds like this service will be a must for the types of adventures we will be looking for - and one month free would be SO nice :) Thanks for the info and the opportunity

Sonia Driscoll
4/23/2013 08:03:09 am

I would love to have a free PCE membership! There's so many things in Korea that we want to see!!

4/23/2013 01:04:45 pm

Sounds awesome! We will be arriving in May....Sounds like PCE would really help with the transition. Hope we are the lucky winner!:)

4/24/2013 07:03:31 am

What a great service. We could really use the membership.

4/24/2013 07:12:51 am

I would love to try them out. Next month we plan on having an outing with the kids and one for ourselves before the baby gets here in late June !!

Audrey Gutierrez
4/24/2013 09:23:13 am

Come on, PCE! Big money, big money!

4/24/2013 09:58:01 am

Excited to learn more....

4/24/2013 02:32:37 pm

What a great resource. Have to check it out.

Wendy Stallings
4/24/2013 06:57:29 pm

Sure, why not?

4/25/2013 12:13:49 am

Who are you kidding Trish!?!? We ALL want memberships!! I would love to win a free month of membership. Do you think they will schedule another sales event? I would really like to meet them and hear more about their services.

4/25/2013 07:12:24 am

They will and I am actually going to host one for them late summer when more people have arrived! I'll post it here when the date is decided upon!

3/12/2014 04:38:29 pm

Are they still in business? I want some help and thought they'd be perfect, but their web site doesn't load.



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