Isn't it fun to reconnect with friends even when you move half way around the world?!?  How lucky are we to have friends that still live in Seoul?  AND how lucky are we that they invited us over for pizza last Sunday?! (OK, I kind of invited us to their house for pizza but that is neither here nor there.)
Chef Brent doin' his thang...
Seriously, this is some of the best pizza I have ever eaten.  Forget Korean take out from Dominos - I'm calling Brent.
How fun are these mask?
I just love Korean apartments...I thought this was just a cabinet...
The mud room has to be my favorite....
Until Beth opened it!  LOVE the little hidden skinny refrigerator!
All shoe storage.  H E A V E N ! !
Good times with good friends!
7/15/2012 03:13:29 pm

Gorgeous! I love your pictures! And the pizza looks great!

7/16/2012 06:51:38 am

So is Obi you are talking about Obi Wan Kenobi? Is it one of the masks? I had to read it twice and I'm still not sure.


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