Everyone is talking about 'The Pizza Peel'. I can't tell you how many times I have been ask "have you tried Pizza Peel?" So the other night when we were walking down Itaewon Street on our way to Antonios we stumbled upon The Pizza Peel and we decided to ditch the Antonios plan and head into The Pizza Peel for a couple of reason,
#1, We were STARVING
#2 The Pizza Peel is SUPER CLOSE to the Itaewon gate
#3 To be able to answer the question with a 'yes'  and
#4 It was REDICIOUSLY HOT outside.  I almost feel like I am back in Texas! 
The Pizza Peel just a little hole in the wall off the little alley right before you get to Starbucks - on the right side of the street - see the mannequins?  One is in a blue shirt one is in a plaid shirt?  The Pizza Peel sign is right above their necks (they have no heads), just tuck right into that little Alley and The Pizza Peel is on your right.
The owner is Canadian and cooks all his pizzas in this brick oven.
And let me tell you, they are YUMMY!! This is the margarita pizza, we ordered this one for Hubby and I...
However the boys LOVED it and ate half of it!
We also ordered a Hawaiian Pizza, another family favorite.
We really enjoyed the pizza at The Pizza Peel.  The ingredients were fresh and generous.  However the pizzas were pretty small and a bit pricy for this family of 6.  There were only 4 of us at dinner, Hubby, myself and the little boys and we devoured 2 pizzas (we thought we would have left overs to take back) and the total cost for 2 beers and 2 pizzas was right at 40,000 won.  We will go back, but this will not be a weekly eating spot...
I can't wait to try their calzones....
8/2/2012 12:06:16 pm

Yum!! Miss the Pizza Peel!

8/2/2012 12:08:33 pm

Love that area! We used to live near there, 32-34 Dong Bingodong!

8/2/2012 12:21:05 pm

That sounds wonderful. Wish I had one here.


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