Two Things:
#1 -
 I'm sorry I left you guys hanging for a couple of weeks as I left to go out of town unexpectantly - which I will fill you in on soon.
#2 -
 We have talked much about the Not Quite Right things that go on in Korea - which are totally fun and makes life even more interesting living in a foreign land, but what I haven't shared with you the Right things that go on here on the RoK (Republic of Korea). 
It is time to change that.

My first entry is parking.
That's right, if you see this lovely little pink lady on a parking space and you are a woman then YOU can park there! 
From what I understand these 'women's only' parking spots are in play for a couple of reasons: at shopping centers - so women don't have to walk as far wearing high heels, which we know that most all Korean women wear high heels and in other places throughout the city they are strategically placed under surveillance cameras to help keep women safe.
How awesome is that? 
Just another reason why I love Korea.
3/9/2013 09:05:20 pm

They had those spots in several of the high rise building we looked at apartments in. Sadly, the one we chose doesn't have them. Guess I can't really complain when I have such things as a shoe sanitizer!


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