Hello beautiful.
I can't wait to eat you.
We have been mixing things up a bit since being on the Whole 30.
And I must admit, I've mixed it up a little more than normal.
I can't believe I cooked BRUSSEL SPROUTS.
Brussel sprouts
for goodness sakes!
I guess when you are eating to live, not vice versa you are more willing to try different things, even when you remember those things being really nasty.
And I mean really nasty, but not as nasty as meatloaf.
Meatloaf is YUCK.
I will never cook meatloaf in my house.
I couldn't STAND meatloaf as a child.
Meatloaf was my worst dinner nightmare.
True story.

OK, back to brussel sprouts.
There is no way I could let my children go through their childhood without trying those little green gross smelling things  I used to GAG on as a child.
When my children ask what they were I told them brains.
"No, really Mom, what are they?"
"Brains. I'm feeding you brains. Little tiny chicken brains."
They rolled their eyes at me.
You can't blame them.
Boy 3 actually liked them and gobbled them down!  And guess what....I no longer think they are nasty!  (I'm still NOT giving meatloaf another try, don't even ask!) The other children where happy to give their BS to Boy 3...

So, this chicken was super easy to make.

I made it with 2 chickens, but since I'm not giving you amounts (because I didn't measure) you can cut it down to just 1 chicken with no problem.

Preheat oven to 375.
Line a deep baking pan with foil (this is merely for easy clean-up.)
Place whole chicken, breast side up in pan.
Stuff bird with:
Lemon  & Garlic cloves
Sprinkle bird with:
garlic salt
onion powder
cayenne pepper 
salt  & pepper
Throw these things around the bird:
brussel sprouts
fresh rosemary
fresh thyme

Cook approximately 1 hour & 15 - 20 minutes or until meat thermometer (inserted between breast and thigh in the meaty part) reaches 165 degrees.

Toss vegetables about 1/2 way thorough cooking.
Happy eating!
Tiny brains are the new rage.
6/2/2013 08:38:09 am

Try roasting BS - they're really good! BF Contessa style....

Shelby N Pinnegar
1/28/2014 10:44:55 am

I'm assuming you tossed the vegetables in oil before roasting? And seasoned them too? Looking forward to trying this

3/3/2014 02:12:51 pm

I'm so sorry I didn't respond. NO, I did not toss them in oil. All the fats and juices from the chicken was enough. I used the rosemary and thyme on the veggies. ;)


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