Our first full day in Bali we were total beach bums! 
We did nothing but hang out on the beach, collect shells, eat fruit and have crab races.
I found out later that they were running from a big wave.
A sweet boy talking a little stroll.
My favorite snack.
Mangosteens & a fruity drink!
This entire trip from Malaysia to Singapore to Bali we ate mangosteens EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
We all LOVE this fruit!
After playing on the beach all day Hubby and I headed down to Sanur Night Market for a little shopping and some Balinese street food.  I have to say Balinese street food was not looking like it was going to be my favorite Asian street food and I wasn't feeling my typical brave self so I didn't try too much.  (It could have something to do with the bad belly I got in Cambodia a few months back...)
I'm not really sure what this sweet little dessert was.  Hubby like it pretty well, I thought it was just too sweet and a little too chewy.  It consists of red beans, coconut, bananas, some kind of sweet syrupiness and some other unidentifiable chewy edibles. 
We didn't even go here:
That was all too brown for me.
While out shopping we happened upon this sweet young lady making and selling these offerings to the gods:
You can't walk more than 5 steps without almost stepping on one of these.  They are everywhere.  In front of stores, homes, all over the streets, and on statutes.  I mean these little offerings were EVERYWHERE.  When you are walking down the street you have to do a little dance not to step on them because I assume stepping on them is bad.  I don't know that for a fact, but I don't want to step on one and any god angry with me. 

Here is what I know about these offering, every morning Balinese women wake up and before they make breakfast for their family, they sweep up the outside of their homes and put out fresh gifts for the gods.  The gifts are always in these little 3 inch baskets - all are made from palm leaves and woven by hand.  All baskets are different, many include bits of food or candy, some have cigarettes and all have flowers.  As I ask around and learn more about these offerings I found out they are not so much offering for the good gods  - they are actually to keep the evil spirits out.  

Hubby and I bought one of these (for mere pennies) to put in front of our villa.  I don't know about you, but I didn't want the evil spirits entering our villa!  :o)  When in Bali, do at the Balinese do.   :o)
Bali, Bali, Bali!!
5/2/2013 01:03:49 pm

Trish, your pictures are absolutely amazing!!! You need to have a coffee table book published. I also love to read your explanations about the pictures. you have such a gift!


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