A few weeks ago Hubby and I went to see the musical Miso at the Chongdong Theater in the City Hall area of Seoul.  While out on that adventure we stumbled upon the Seoul Museum of Art and then we noticed this:
Tim Burton in Seoul, South Korea?!  Yes please!  We knew we would go back.  So yesterday Hubby had a day off work  so we grabbed a cab and headed out (might I add that yesterday, 18 Jan was the 21st anniversary of our first date...can I get a collaborative ahhhhh.....  :o)

The Tim Burton exhibit is on the last leg of its tour - the grand finale is here in Seoul!  It started in New York, went to Melbourne, Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris and now here - saving the best for last!  If you haven't seen it you have until April 14th, 2013 before it is wrapped up and shipped back home.  I wonder where Mr. Burton keeps all his goodies when they are not on tour.  I would LOVE to see his house.      

                                               The entrance to the museum - check out the windows.
Aren't they fun?!
I want some for my windows.
You know, just for fun.
This is the first thing  you see when entering the museum.
What movie is he from?
And this is where you give your ticket to enter the world of Tim Burton!
Do you have any idea what the red thing is? 
It's his tongue! 
I hate to admit this, but Hubby had to point that out to me.
I'm not sure I would have ever figured that out.  I would have just thought is was red weirdness.
I wish I could have taken pictures inside the exhibit.  Oh my goodness - how cool it was and before today I was never a HUGE Tim Burton fan.  He has over 800 pieces on exhibit and 90% of it was from his private collection.  I saw his first 'rejection' letter from Walt Disney Studios - they liked his first book although they thought it might be a little too much like Dr. Seuss, although it was good....  He had that first book on display too.

He shared many of his childhood drawings, and TONS of napkin drawings!  They had his personal drawings set up in themes, couples, men, women, pirates, numbers, aliens and more.  I giggled many times at the words he wrote to go with the drawings and many times I thought of my own Boy 2 and how goofy he is when he puts titles with his works of art.  Maybe I should start saving all this silly stuff.....you know, just in case he has a collection of his own someday.   One that really made me laugh was a picture of something shooting a poodle - the poodles body was split in half and there were brown pieces all over the paper it said (these are most likely not the exact words) "Never shoot a constipated poodle".   Bahahaha!  Gross I know.
Hubby and I had a great time even though it was CRAZY busy.  I forgot that Friday's are field trip days for Korean schools.   There were so many little people all over the place.  If you go, you should try to go during the day on  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  I've heard you have to wait up to an hour on weekends just to buy your tickets!   
OK...How much do you LOVE these couches?  Are you flashing back to 1977?  We cracked up when we saw them, but then we sat on them.....OH MY GOODNESS, they are SO COMFORTABLE! 
I think I want them for our basement, you know, when we get a basement. 
These had nothing to do with the Tim Burton exhibit, this was just a lounging area in the museum!  I love Korea.
The exhibit runs through Sunday 14 April 2013
They are open from 10:00-20:00 (Tue-Fri) / 10:00–18:00 (Weekends, Public Holidays) / Closed Mondays/ and open 10:00 – 22:00 on the 1st-3rd Tuesdays
The cost is W12,000 Adults / W10,000 Teens / W8,000 Children under 12
To get there by subway:  Line 2 to City Hall Station exit 2  -  turn right at the corner of the palace and follow the palace wall until it ends - at this point you will come to a 't' intersection - you will see The Seoul Museum of Art on your

BUT....just before you turn left to go into the museum, make sure you check out this sweet little family.  They crack me up and freak me out all at the same time.
Here is their story:
Happy 21 Anniversary of our first date Hubby. Here's to many, many more!  :o)
(PS...we met on the 17th of Jan 21 years ago - our first day was about 12 hours later.)
1/19/2013 08:26:11 am

Date day here too!

1/19/2013 08:26:41 am

that is pretty cool

1/19/2013 08:29:27 am

If ever there were a happy couple that didn't gross me out, it's y'all. I love you both!

1/19/2013 10:10:00 am

love how you guys celebrated your first date anniversary!!!

1/24/2013 06:09:00 am

That is just ridiculously cool.

1/24/2013 10:53:08 pm

Dumb question. But do they check your camera at the door? No pictures?


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