Yes, THUNDERS. Plural, plural.

Who knew Seoul had basketball?
We are racking up the 'first time' things even after living here for 2 years and 7 months total.  (Combining both tours.)
How fun is that?!

Last weekend we went to see the Seoul Samsung Thunders VS Jeonju KCC Egis
at Jamsil Basketball Stadium.
The Jeonju KCC Egis took the win 72-58
We were rooting for the Thunders who were wearing blue, but I got confused and took pictures of the Egis (what is an Egis anyway?) wearing white.  Whatever - I wasn't really there to watch the game, I was there for the experience.    And what a fun experience it was!
Don't you just love his face?  To me it says "oh, oh...I think it's gonna make it!"
This guy was GREAT!  I called him Spirit Guy - he totally knew how to get the fans going!  He would hold up a sign and everyone would start chanting something....then he would hold up another one and the fans would start chanting something different....then another one the fans would go wild!  If only I could read Korean. 
What basketball game is complete without a clown or two getting the fans going?
We saw him before the game making balloon animals for the children.
How cute are those cheerleaders?
Notice I'm taking a picture of the right team this time? 
FAIL...I was actually trying to get the cheerleaders when the basketball game got in the way of my shot!  :o)
The Thunder Bolt (??) Chicken came over to help out Spirit Guy!
Half time!
Oh look, I found another clown in the stands!
He came down and helped out Spirit Guy too!
Sometimes you just have to ask WHY?
And laugh!
Cute boy!  He was the only child that wanted to attend the game with us.
The others opted to stay home.
For real?
Are they really our kids?
Fans in the stands!
Me & my boy!
Basketball season runs through March 19th.
Click here for Thunders schedule.
We drove to Jamsil Stadium...super easy drive, just off Olympic Expressway (HWY 88)
Parking cost 4,000 won
Adult tickets were 8,000 won each and child's ticket was 4,000 won.
And guess what we had for snack....MEGA BOX popcorn! 
Awesomely, delicious movie theater caramel popcorn! 
Go figure!
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Ray Carmichael Sr
3/20/2022 07:24:45 pm

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