Sometimes I write blog post that don't make the cut. 
This was one of them.
I don't even know when I wrote this - maybe a year or so ago.
However I just cracked up reading it.
I woke up this morning CRAVING steel cut oats and I was so mad at myself when I realized I didn't have a crock pot of them going!   Then I realized that crock pot cooking steel cut oats is not the ONLY way to cook them.  So I read the directions on the back of the packaged and decided to just go for it.  Now you are more than welcome to make these as directed on the package with no goodness in them - you know, if you are into that sort of things.  Bland, total good for you nastiness.  Did I just type that out loud?  Oops.  OR, you could mix it up and have a little fun! 

Let's get started....

1 cup steel cut oats
2 cups water
1 cup almond milk
4 TBL brown sugar
1 TBL flax seed
12 oz frozen cherries

STOP.....DON'T do it.  STOVE TOP STEEL CUT OATS SUCK!  They NEVER soften like they do in the crockpot. After 45 minutes of cooking (like the directions say) they have a serious crunch to them.  So I kept cooking, adding a little more liquid at a time when needed - every time I tried them still crunchy.... And still after 2 hours of cooking they STILL have a crunch to them!
Stupid steel cut oats. 
I didn't want to eat them anyway....

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