I interrupt this trip to Cambodia to remind all foreigners reading this blog that SUNDAY, 11/11 is Pepero Day!!!
What is a Pepero?  A long skinny biscuit dipped in chocolate.
What is  Pepero Day?  The day you give gifts of Pepero sticks to friends and family to tell them you love them.  Kind of like Valentine's day without the cards and $100 vase of roses.  If you will notice on the smaller boxes of Pepero there is even a place to write a sweet little note.  
When is Pepero Day?  It always falls on the same day each year - 11/11 - because 11/11 looks like Pepero sticks! 
How much do Pepero sticks cost?  Pepero sticks are pretty inexpensive. Small boxes can cost as little as 500 won - the price goes up from there. 
Is there only one type of Pepero stick?  OH GOODNESS NO!!  Pepero sticks come in all sizes and flavors!
How did Pepero day come about?  I have heard a couple of different stories: Some say the manufacturer, Lotte  created this day to boost sales....genius if you ask me, because when I was in E-Mart yesterday buying Pepero sticks for the ones I love those boxes were FLYING off the shelves! The other story I heard is that middle school girls in Busan started the holiday by exchanging Peperos with their friends on November 11th saying "Be tall and thin like the number 1"! I suppose we will never know the true story, but what I do know is that I am all in!  I love a reason to spread cheer and what a better way than to give chocolate covered biscuit sticks on 11/11....  

                                                                        Happy Pepero Day! 
I got this big 'Flaky' stick for Hubby. I thought it was too funny to pass up. Shhh...don't tell him!

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