If you don't know what you are looking for you will walk right past it.
Like we did - and we knew what we were looking for.
When I stepped into the Jazz Story almost 4 years ago I instantly fell in love.  A classy dive bar - there IS such a thing   and they do it so well here at the Jazz Story!  The creativity of the owners amazes me.  When they took us to our table I almost  felt like I was on the set of Dexter, I mean check this out... a claw foot tub with stains in the tub and something that looks like bloody gloves (although Dexter ALWAYS cleans up his mess)!  You've got to love it!!
And check out our seats.
That is right - AIRPLANE CHAIRS!

This place is a mixture of a bomb shelter, antique store, thrift store and an album collectors dream!
If these bathroom signs don't make you giggle, you should have your funny bone checked! 
The urinal from the men's bathroom upstairs.
I have no words.
A view from upstairs.  Notice the hanging airplane? You can see the wing in the middle of the picture.
There is so much going on in this place if my friend K hadn't pointed it out I would have totally miss 'Big Brother' watching us!

I want a window like this in my future house.
There were candles burning everywhere.
I dig the crazy amounts of wax falling.
Upstairs seating.
Lovely décor.
The owners.
You will always see them here.
Remember I mentioned 'album collectors dream'?  Here are a few of the albums:
AND - they are in alphabetical order!!
Alphabetical order - that makes my heart skip a beat!
Taking me back to my roots...
K + J = soul sisters
Isn't he hot? :o)
Don't you just LOVERBOY it?!?!
S channeling his inner rock star!
Here at the Jazz Story you can eat, drink AND listen to LIVE MUSIC!  However if you are expecting Jazz you have come to the wrong place.  They play a great collection of 70's, 80's and 90's music AND they sing in English.  Go figure!
This guy was a guest singer - I thought I might be able to add him to my "famous" Korean list, but alas, it seems he is not famous after all.  Everyone was just excited that he was singing Gangnam Style. 

Upon arriving to the Jazz Story you are given a bowl of peanuts to snack on - we were so excited to see a full bowl!  The last time we were here each person got about 5 peanuts each - they have totally stepped it up a notch. 
We opted to eat someplace else but just so you know you can get food here:
And the drinks are plentiful!
(and PRICY!)
If you go with a large group I recommend going with an entire bottle of "Vodca" for 170,000 won.  Then you can get some side to go with it, like glasses, lemons and maybe a bottle of juice if you choose. 

Broken down for you = 1 bottle of Absolute vodka for roughly $158 USD.  No Joke.  But it is a better deal than purchasing all those drinks individually.
Good times, good friends, good drinks, good music, big price tag.  That's what Seoul is all about!  :o)
I'm not sure what he said to me!
The band plays 3 sets every night with the first one starting at 8:30PM.  Get there early to get a good seat!  We arrived just after 8PM and took the last table on the ground floor.

To get there: Take the Jungangseon Line – LIGHT BLUE - Exit HyeHwa (just one exit PAST Dongdaemun Station) take exit 2. Walk about 70  feet, turn left and then walk through a little ‘park type area’.  Walk towards Pops Video,
past the GS25 Convenience store and turn right at the next street (in front of Cafe Marion).  Walk about 100 feet down the street and you will see the Jazz Story on your right.  

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