Yesterday morning (Thursday) Boy 3 was brushing his teeth before school.  He wasn't doing a very good job so I 'helped' him out.  While brushing his teeth and scolding him about what a lousy job he has been doing brushing his teeth he started making a gagging sound.  I thought he was just being a wimp and I said to him "you see all this foam? This is how much you should create each time you brush your teeth."  Then I let him spit - and then I started brushing and scolding some more...this is how hard you need to brush, you can't just barely touch your teeth with the toothbrush, they will never get clean!"

As I was scolding him I could tell he wasn't listening to me his thoughts were someplace else, and that is when he shyly stuck his little hand in the sink and was trying to grab something.  Again, crabby mom says "Why aren't you listening to me?  What are you doing?  Get your hand out of that sink it is nasty, your toothpaste spit is in there.   What do you have in your hand?!"  He just looked at me with his big blue eyes and I could tell he was thinking "Wow, mom has lost it" and then he sheepishly said "My tooth.  You brushed it out."  That is when I lost it and started laughing hysterically.  Then he started laughing hysterically.  Boy 2 & Girl came in and ask what was so funny.  Boy 3 said through rolling laughter "Mom brushed my teeth so hard she knocked one of my teeth out!"   The laughter was uncontrollable in our house after that.  And we finished the teeth brushing lecture on a happy note. 

Now if that wasn't enough, when we walked down stairs we put Boy 3's tooth in a ziplock baggie (as we always do).  I told him to leave his tooth on the counter and I would put it under his pillow for him when I came home.  He did and we walked out the door to school.  Later that day I realized I couldn't find the ziplock bag.  Oh great I though...I must have thrown it away.  When Boy 3 got home from school I told him what I had done and told him we could write a note to the Tooth Fairy.  He was OK with that.  Whee...I'm off the hook.  Right?  Not so fast.

Today after school Girl comes over and says to me.  "Mom guess what I found when I was eating my carrots at lunch today?" And then she hands me this:
I look at her quizzically.

That is when she said:  "Look closely Mom, it is Boy 3's tooth! You didn't throw it away; you put it back in the Ziplock box!  Mom, I will NEVER be able to eat carrots at school again!  I almost threw up today!!"

OH MY GOSH...I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. 

Girl said all the 5th grade girls at her table gagged and laughed with her and they all agreed - NO MORE CARROTS for the rest of the school year.
Stacey Meyer
8/30/2012 05:15:55 pm

I can't stop laughing Trish!

8/30/2012 08:22:00 pm

Too funny!

Kim Z
8/30/2012 08:28:38 pm

You kill me! Really, this is hysterical! You really "brushed his tooth out!"

Rachel Spin
8/30/2012 08:32:35 pm

I love your stories. I can't decide which part is funnier the first or the second. When our first boy lost his first tooth we did it by tying some dental floss to his tooth and the other end to a door knob. This was around Christmas time. The first time dad didn't slam it hard enough and it didn't come out. The second time he slammed it so hard the tooth flew out and across the room. It bounced off the window and ricocheted into the Christmas tree. It took me 30 minutes to find it.

8/30/2012 09:32:55 pm


8/30/2012 11:50:14 pm

Really funny!!!!!

Christie Black
8/31/2012 12:11:33 am

That is awesome! Started my day out with a good laugh too!

8/31/2012 09:27:28 am

You crack me up Trish! I am laughing so hard it will probably wake the rest of the house up! : ) Miss you

8/31/2012 09:27:53 am

That was great lol 2 funny I lov it

8/31/2012 09:28:17 am

Trish, hysterical!! A great laugh!! And you made me feel better, Andrew and I have had that lecture a lot!!

8/31/2012 10:28:25 am

You are too funny! Love reading your posts! Meadows is NOT the same without you this year!

8/31/2012 10:28:52 am

Oh my gosh!!!! I am rolling!!!! This is sooooo funny!!!

9/4/2012 09:57:39 pm

LOL Oh man! That's good comedy!


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