After getting back to our Korean roots  (aka- Blackhawk Village, mostly Americans) our kids realized that their 'dotchies'  (a Korean game that no one really knows how to play) were RARE!  They had ROUND dotchies and all the kids
are now playing with SQUARE dotchies.
So of course our kids have been dying to get to Toy Alley so they can buy some SQUARE dotchies.  On Sunday morning the kids woke up, got dressed and brushed their teeth (without being ask I might add....miracles DO happen!) and we hit subway!  Once we were in the subway we realized a few of us needed to visit the facilities.....however, we forgot about these:
Actually I think it was a mental block.  I didn't want to remember these.  But there is good news - there was toilet paper IN the stall, not on the wall outside the stall.

And I forgot about these:
                     Soap on a stick.  Reminder to self:  ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember to carry hand sanitizer.

After collecting ourselves we continued our journey.  Toy alley is in the Dongdaemun area.  You will find different ways to get there, but this is the way I like to go.  Typically I hit 2 birds with 1 stone as 'the sock man' used to be at this exit too.  I'm not sure if he is still here or not because my children were too busy in toy alley and then they were STARVING so the sock man will have to wait till next time to see my smiling face.
To get to Toy Alley:  Take line 6 to Dongmyo Exit, #636 and then exit out of Exit 6.

Upon exiting the subway walk straight to the first alley, maybe 50 steps.  You will see this store - this is a great stop for ice cream and drinks. 
 Turn right down this alley and you are on Toy Alley! 
It took a few stores but in the end the kids found 'dotchies'!
Pure joy.
We didn't hear another word from them for the rest of the day! And that makes it all worth it.  :o)
7/1/2012 03:39:12 pm

David was very excited to learn that all his dotchies from Blackhawk are now rare. :) Love reading your posts! Great memories!

7/1/2012 03:39:55 pm

Ted and I have always talked about the age old question: Can soap every be dirty.....I think you have answered that!

7/1/2012 05:49:53 pm

We still have the thick plastic ones!

7/2/2012 03:18:40 pm

Alright, I'll ask: when are the (beauuuutiful) children of yours modeling again? And is one of your boys still on countless milk cartons at E-mart? I got a kick out of seeing them when we were living in Seoul even though we've never met. When I saw them, all I could think was, 'That boy is not from Denmark!!!' lol

7/3/2012 07:54:31 am

Awe, thanks for the compliment! Mrs. Sue (modeling agent) has already updated their pictures and sizes so I see modeling in their near future. I haven't made it to E-Mart yet to see if Boy 3 is still on the milk cartons! I'll check! AND, do you want to know a little secret....Boy 3 HATED that milk!! He likes soy and almond milk - when doing the commercial I told them that if they switched the milk to soy it would go better...they didn't and he took one huge gulp and spit the milk out in the studio and started gagging. It was great fun!

7/3/2012 07:48:15 am

I'm still throwing away those darn dotchies!!

10/22/2012 08:09:21 pm

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for writing this blog post. This post made my life easier on finding Toy Alley today (along with my friend's map!).

4/17/2013 06:57:00 pm

This is perfect & informative blog for all. I hope you will be share this type of blog soon.

4/26/2013 04:10:16 pm

Your collection is perfect & I have learn more from your blog, I hope you will be discuss more tips with us.

12/15/2013 09:15:48 am

Just so you know your directions for the toy alley are just PERFECT... I've looked everywhere on the web, walked for more than an hour without success and then I find your blog and in 5 minutes I was there.... So thank you !!!!!!


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