Hubby read about the Trick Eye Museum in one of the Expat magazines we get and knew it was a must for this camera lovin' family.  The Trick Eye Museum is in the Hongdae area.  To get there by subway take line 2 to the Hongik University Station go out Exit 9 walk straight for a little while  - you will pass Taco Bell on your right and then you will see a Starbucks Coffee shop on the left - turn right at this street - Trick Eye Museum is on the right maybe 250 meters down.  (not very far at all!)  It is in the basement of the Homi Atelier (a famous art supply store for professional artists).

The Trick Eye Museum has some famous works of art and some just fun works of art that have been edited to create the illusion that the objects in the images are 3-D and it allows you to join in and become part of the pictures!  

Our day started off rough....Boy 1 didn't want to hang out with his family, Boy's 2 & 3 were fighting over who was going to be in the picture, I thought I was going to pull my hair out and have a meltdown before it even started, but after a little while everyone forgot they were mad, bothered, annoyed, and upset  and we had a pretty good day playing & goofing around here at the Trick Eye Museum!  :)

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy our pictures!  You are sure to have a laugh or two! 
Every few months the museum  changes the art work to keep you coming back for more!  If you decide to visit the Trick Eye Museum make sure to take your camera and check to see that your batteries are charged and you have plenty of room on your picture card!  I only showed you our favorite photos!  I took well over 100 photos here!

Ticket prices are 13,000 won for adults, 11,000 for youth and 3 and under are free.
They are open 7 days a week from 10AM-10PM.

What are you waiting for?  Grab your camera and GO!  :)
Stacy Green
10/9/2012 01:07:38 pm

OMG I love it!! Looks like u guys had way to much fun!!!

10/9/2012 01:15:24 pm

Hahahaha!!!! That is just too fantasti!!!!. Great pictures!!!

Stacey Meyer
10/9/2012 07:18:09 pm

Love this!!!!! Will definitely be making a trip to the museum..

Tori Alexander
10/9/2012 07:49:05 pm

Those are awesome!


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