Ttukseom Swimming Pool at Ttukseom Resort.
Holy Goodness.
I've always wanted to hit one of the pools on the Han River so this seemed like a perfect thing to do with our group of friends that we hung with on Thursdays this past summer.
Only problem -
I didn't realize it was summer break at the Korean schools too.
(They have a totally different school schedule than we do.)
You can only imagine our surprise when we arrived in the subway station (above ground), looked out and saw this:
Notice Olympic Stadium in the background? :)
We texted that picture to a few of our friends that were behind us with the message "ABORT, ABORT!"
Serveral of our friends did abort the trip, but many of us powered on.
Our plan was to meet up with our friends at the pool...I mean how hard can it be to find a group of Americans... 
Maybe a little harder than we initially thought.
Are you kidding me?
Thank GOD Beth had the common sense to stop at the CVS before entering the park and pick up a couple goodies.
Notice the caption at the bottom?
Our answer was "HELL YES"!
It took us a little while, but thanks to technology and pasty white skin we finally found our group & we were thankful Marcille was tough enough to man our spot without anyone popping a tent.
This is the lazy river.
Instead of "Where's Waldo"....
Where are the Americans?
There they are!
Yes, swim caps are a requirement.
Again, Beth is a genius.
I was even thankful for Cass.
True Story.
A few of the kids sporting their mandatory head covers.
They were so excited to have a little room when they were some of the first ones in the lazy river after the whistle blew.
All that free space didn't last long......
This boy decided just to pretend he was in the lazy river. :o)
Little kid area.
Welcome to Korea!
These two had only been on the peninsula a couple of weeks.
They weren't sure if they should be smiling or running for the hills! 
I know....lots of pictures of the lazy river, but I just couldn't get over the amount of people!!
Tent city.
Apparently you arrive early, set up camp and stay all day.
And when the park runs out of room to set up your tents, no worries - just go set up BEHIND THE porta-potties!!
We really had a great time. 
Lots of smiles.
Lots of laugher.
Lots of freak out moments.
Lots of FUN!
I'm glad we went.
However, one time is enough.
Next year if we go I will double check the Korean school calendar.
The Ttukseom Swimming Pool is only open from July - August.
To get there Seoul Subway Line #7 to Ttukseom-Resort Station. 
Exit 2 or 3.
Trust me, you will be able to find it.

You can take food, coolers, grills, tents and more in....really, whatever you want! 
This is Korea.
Pretty much anything goes.
Prices: Ages 4~12: 3,000 won / Ages 13~18: 4,000 won / Ages 19 and older:  5,000won
9/23/2013 11:16:49 pm

Wow! Korea never ceases to amaze in one way or another.

9/24/2013 04:39:52 am

Wow! That is crowded. I woulda left lol

3/1/2018 03:49:56 am

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