As most of you know I drive a 'hooptie' over here. If you unfamiliar with what a hooptie is click here and check it out.
Anyway, if you go back to that old post I said we got a 'great deal'. HAHAHAHA!  I'm cracking up over that one...but OK, if this car will last us for another 10 months I'm still insisting we got a good deal.  :o) 

Aren't my friends pretty?  Wonder what they are up to?  Well the back seat of my 'hooptie' is broken.  Stuck.  The seat won't lift up.  They are sitting on top of the folded down seat and yes, we are driving out into the world's 3rd largest city to go to lunch.  You think we are crazy?  Well maybe, but they had a choice, drive in Korea or let Trishie drive and sit in an unsafe car.  This was their choice.  And they are happy about it.  And we all lived to tell the tale.
Now on to our lunch story: 
This is where we had lunch.
We don't know the name of it.
Heck, we didn't even know where we were going.
Diane was a fearless leader.
She told me where to go.
But check it out....see that van? 
That is my van.
That is valet parking.
I parked the car myself.
I gave the 'valet' my key.
When we were done I gave him 2,000 won.
He gave my key back to me.
Valet parking at its finest.
Upon entry we saw the drink cooler.
Marci eyeballed this Plum Wine.
We had to drink it because....well....really, who would not want to be seduced into softness?
Ready to be seduced.
WOW.....seduced into softness.
Maybe not.
I made that know the one. 
The one that after you have tasted something so bad you gag a little.
Yeah that one.

Give me a bowl of makkoli any day. 
Michelle made the face with the Makkoli.
(Don't worry, I only had a few sips - I was driving remember!)
We had a dish that is bulgogi and squid in a spicy sauce with all this yummy goodness on top.
As with many Korean restaurants you cook your own food.
I've got to tell you, I LOVED this restaurant.
The food was amazing. 
Perfect amount of spice for me.
Some of the other girls weren't huge fans, but only because they are new to Korea and they don't like seafood.
We should have ordered the plain bulgogi for the newbies.
When you are almost done and there is just a little bit of goodness left in the bottom of your cooking pan, they make fried rice out of the leftovers.  The lady comes over tosses in the rice and all the left over goodies from your table and you cook it up.  YUM, YUM, YUM!
From what I understand this little hole in the wall is a pretty famous for the dish we ate.  There are signatures all over the walls and from what I was told these are signatures of famous Koreans.
To drive here from post:
Exit Commissary gate - turn left
Stay right - Turn right onto Itaewon Street 
Turn left on Daesagwan-ro - this street has a light. 
(You will be going through a street with many lights and lots of people walking - near Hannam Village)
At the light pretty far down just before you come to the big intersection (Daesagwan-ro)   turn left a - it's kind of a crazy light - I think it is just flashing, maybe not even a light at all - but more of a 4 way stop.
The restaurant is on your right just a few stores down.  
Park on the street in front of the restaurant.
Good luck!!
8/22/2013 01:36:31 pm

'Some of the other girls' (meaning me) adventured and ate just fine until the squid taste started to super saturate everything and the little suction cups turned all purple and rubbery and gag-a-licious! Thankyouverymuch. LOL!

8/22/2013 01:39:09 pm

Trish - what a wonderful blog you have!! Thanks for sharing!! You have been a blessing to me - you have shared so much about your experience in Korea!! Your sense of adventure and enthusiasm for everything is so wonderful to see!!

11/4/2013 10:12:49 am

Hi Trish - I followed your directions and my husband and I ate at this place with my mom. We loved it, but thank goodness my husband speaks some Korean. They didn't automatically do the rice thing for us, even though we waited quite a while. He finally asked them, and after some confusion they made the delicious fried rice. We were really glad to know about this place, since the Hobak restaurant had quite a wait!


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