How many times have I blogged about this place?
This makes five.
This means you should go.
If I write about a place 5 times, you know it is good.
Consistently good.

To get there:
From post
Go out the Itaewon Gate
Cross into Itaewon
Walk on the left side of the street
Pass the Hamilton Hotel
The very next alley turn LEFT
Right past my Thai
This is what it looks like:
As I have said before, this place is a bit pricy, but totally worth it - especially for Korea!

Chicken & avocado salad with toast
Poached chicken breast mixed with nuts, dried fruit and sour cream
17,000 won
Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, sauteed spinach and potatoes
Around 18,000 won (I don't remember the exact price)
Sweet potato, fig & bacon sandwich
Sweet potatoes, cinnamon caramelized fig, bacon, mixed cheese
It also comes with a small side salad
I'm drooling writing about it - I LOVED every little bite of this sandwich

15,000 won
And we can't forget the caramel macchiato
Oh how I LOVE their caramel macchiato...
Around 6,000 won
It was a heavenly dessert and we should have stopped there.....
But we didn't.
Next up:
Blueberry crepes
...and then we dove fork first into the banana bread.  This bread doesn't look like much, but I have to tell you somehow they mastered the homemade banana bread - yes, in Korea.  I would have never ordered it, but they put 3 loaves at the end of our table to cool and I just couldn't get over the smell.  I had to have some.  And boy was it worth it.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and we ate here months ago.
It's obvious by these plates that we thought dessert was well worth it....
...and this was before someone licked the plates clean.  Not really.  OK, maybe.
A great lunch with great friends.

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