Kat was our fearless leader for this Tuesday with Trish outing.  I have heard many people talk about Foody Goody, but I had never been.  The name threw me off.  Foody Goody?  Really? That just doesn't scream good Koeran Galbi to me.  However I must give it up, Foody Goody didn't disappoint and it is just a short walk out the Camp Coiner DRIVE out gate (not to be confused with the Camp Coiner walk out gate).

Walk out, take a left at the intersection you can cross the street at a diagonal, do that.
Foody Goody is on your right hand side not too far down BUT it looks like you are going into a parking garage - because you are (see 1st picture below).  There is an attendant and he will steer you ro the right where you go into the building (second picture) and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor.   
Plus I LOVE these little rooms, although we didn't get to sit in one.  Next time I will make a reservation for one of the rooms!
Another little thing I love are theses little inflatable hand towels.  (Little things make me happy!)  First they start off  all hard and flat then you just add water and voilà - there they are nice big puffy hand towels!  (Well, big and fluffy to Korea standards anyway!)
Something I never tire of seeing at Korean restaurants....
I'm pretty sure this isn't safe to US standards, but I LOVE it!
Foody Goody should be called Foody Yummy!
I mean check out all the sides you get!  AND, they aren't even all pictured. 
This side of octopus was my favorite...I ate 2 helpings myself and the girls were more than happy to give it all to me. It was a win-win all the way around!    
Good time with good friends! 

BUT....we didn't stop there!  After lunch Kat took us out to explore the neighborhood. 
So, continue walking in the direction you were going when you went to Foody Goody.
Walk, walk, walk till you come to a pretty big (but not too big) intersection and turn left ( you will see all kinds of activity on this street) and commence shopping!  This is a quaint little neighborhood market street where you can get all kinds of goodies from plants to toiletries to food - I saw 2 butcher shops and a bakery and couple of food markets like the one pictures below to all kinds of cute little cafes.   
Just a cool building.
I'm so in love with this plant.  I should have bought it.
Street food....If I weren't so full one of those sticks of fish cake goodness would have been mine.
And then we found it...the gem of all gems, this sweet little coffee shop.
OH MY GOODNESS...I'm in LOVE with it!
I can't wait to take my MIL here when she comes to Korea this fall! 
It looks tiny, and it is -  BUT it has this super cool little upstairs area where you can sit by the windown and people watch!
And this was the icing on the cake.
Totally Korea.
I love it!
8/14/2013 11:20:34 pm

Cool! You were in my hood! If I'm gonna do some off-post grocery shopping, that's generally the market I hit. It looks pretty small, but there are (as you saw), so many great little finds there. And the prices are really good. I really like the first little produce shop after the Paris Baguette for eggs and strawberries. Then further down on the same side of the street is a bakery with really cheap and fresh baked goods. They are always so kind there. I like that grocery store you have in the picture above for fruit (although they got made at me for squeezing their peaches the other day). And if you keep going straight there is a small stand on the right that sells banchan--three types for 5,000 won. Oh, and across the street from that bakery, there's a cute little shop where a lady sells the things she sells -- kids clothing, accessories, bags, etc. So cute! I could go on... I often park on the street for a quick stop. But there's a little parking lot there two (turn right at the first intersection in the market). It's been 600 won every time I've gone there. :)

8/14/2013 11:23:16 pm

Whoops, lots of typos up in that comment! I meant she "sells what she sews".

8/16/2013 10:17:08 am

My fav restaurant!!

8/16/2013 10:17:36 am

Love it! One of our favs as well.

8/16/2013 10:26:06 am

This makes me miss Seoul! Foody Goody was a family favorite!

8/20/2013 07:26:28 am

Cant wait to try all the new resturants you've discovered - the coffee shop looks so cute.

8/20/2013 03:26:36 pm

Love it!!! Thanks for the recommendation. Just wish they had the steamed egg side dish.

Scott Walters
8/30/2013 09:47:51 pm

Wife and I went there for dinner tonight; my second trip and her first. I've tried several Korean barbecue restaurants and this one is easily the best one I've been to. Very convenient for Yongsan residents and reasonable prices, too.


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