There are some days that are just WAY more fun than others, this was one of those days.
I got an extra ab work out because we laughed so much on our journey to Grano's Italian restaurant.
 On this rainy, rainy day  Jerri was our leader
We were accompanied by our new pals Thunder and Lightening.
Umbrellas were involved of course and we were fearful we might be conductors for the lightening.
Lightening is somewhat rare here in Korea.

Once exiting the subway you still have about a 10 minute walk to get to Grano's.
We discussed jumping in a taxi but decided to hoof it instead.
In the rain.
Our pals Thunder and Lightening had not made an appearance as of yet.
Then the rain REALLY started coming down.
You know that Korean sideways, knock you over type rain.
Yeah, that rain.
Then our friend Thunder BOOMED right beside us.
Our umbrellas weren't helping much.
We were wet from our waist down.
Then Lightening made an appearance.
And another, and another.
Jerri ask us to tell her family she loved them and she was sorry she was being so careless all for good Italian food.

In the end we made it.
Soaking wet, but alive.
See, we clean up pretty well.
During our adventurous trip Jerri was a little nervous, hoping it was 'worth' it and that we not be disappointed after we all risk our lives to get here.

They had me at 'black truffle pesto'.
The prices were a bit more than we like to pay for a lunch out with friends, but oh baby it was SO WORTH IT!!!
I had the sea bass, served on a bed of spinach, tomatoes and some sort of scrumptious sauce.
Typically I would never order sea bass because most people don't cook it properly and I'm always disappointed.
NOT TODAY!  The chef cooked it to perfection - it was melt in my mouth deliciousness.

The Alfredo was divine.
And the spicy eggplant pasta dish was a little slice of heaven.
It was a win, win all the way around.
(except for my pictures - I had a rough photography day.  I blame it on the rain.)
The desserts were just OK.
I would not order the cannoli again.
The tiramisu was just OK, nothing to write home about.
We also had cheese cake.

Personally, I would skip the dessert and just go with wine. We did have a little mix up when it came to the wine... the waiter told us the wine was 6,000 won per glass, which we were SHOCKED about and we questioned him a couple of times about, but he continued to say 6,000 won.  In reality it was 16,000 won.  We should have known better.    At least it was good wine.  :o)
Remember the rain?
There was so much they had to use a snow shovel to remove it.
Thank goodness the trip home was not as eventful as the trip to Grano.
I apologize, I cannot give you directions to Grano.
However I can give you the address.

Just jump in a cab and give this information to your cab driver:

645-1 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
(02) 540-7330, 8330;

Reservations are not required, but encouraged.

11:30AM - 2:30PM
5:30PM  - 2AM - last food order 10:30PM

PS...and this place is pricy.  Expect to pay no less than 50,000 won per person.

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