When you go to the Noodle Lady's house for lunch it is like you are going to Grandma's house.
Your sassy grandma's house.
I mean look at her!  How cute is this woman?
Honestly I would have NEVER in 1 million years gone up that staircase because I would have never known this is a restaurant.  The only 'sign' this is a restaurant is that little 'sign' above with Korean writing and a phone number. Who knew?! (Well I guess if I read Korea I might have been able to figure it out....)

Kimchi pots full of kimchi goodness.
Here is the menu.
She has noodles.
2 different types of noodles and kimchi mandu.
I'm not sure if kimchi mandu is on the menu or not but we had it and it ROCKED.
Luckily we went with my beautiful friend that knows the Noodle Lady.
I'm not sure if we got special treatment because of my friend, but I totally felt 'a home' while here.
We ate in her living room.
No really, we did.
From what I understand the Noodle Lady has been cooking up noodles for years and years right here in this kitchen.
I'm not really sure what this is, but I see it drying often.
Some Americans might be put off because it is not a traditional restaurant. 
I feel sorry for those Americans as they are going to miss out on something special.
She has fat noodles
And thin noodles
The thin noodles are my favorite.
The noodles are called Kalguksu and they date back to the 12th century. 
They are a handmade wheat flour noodle that is cut by hand and served in a thick seafood broth. 
If you are lucky you might get a clam.
Once you have Kalguksu you will never look at noodles the same again.
The kimchi mandu.
I had NEVER before had kimchi mandu.
It was THE BEST mandu I have ever eaten.
We left full and happy.
I think she was full and happy when we left too.
To get there:
From the Gas Station gate on post....
Cross over into Itaewon.
Typically you would walk straight....this time turn right like you are walking back towards the Commissary gate... Turn LEFT at the 1st street - just past the dog groomer - the alley between urban works and Bull and Barrel restaurant is her alley.  It is across from the entrance of the Underground market in Itaewon. 
It looks like this:
Thanks to a friend that went out and took this picture!!

Turn RIGHT.  You will see the staircase pictured above. Go up the stairs.

The noodle is only open for lunch.
1/12/2014 07:18:02 am

My mouth is watering, I can't wait to get there!

1/12/2014 02:44:41 pm

She IS adorable. Those kimchi mandu look de-licious. Great pics Trish.

7/28/2014 07:18:42 pm

What an excellent blog entry. Eager to go here! The chef is absolutely radiating appreciation and love and inner beauty in these photos. Seems like a very special place. I want to visit! Does she still serve lunch as far as you know?

Michelle Kasper
8/14/2014 09:28:51 pm

I hope to take some friends here tomorrow. Is she opened on Saturdays?


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