This past week we went to A Pancake Story, a cute little pancake story. 
I love the atmosphere.
I love sitting outside with the ladies.
And I love watching the hussle and bustle of this cute little kitchen & the staff of 3.
Plus, they know me so well:
A Pancake Story is a tiny little cafe Hannam-dong that can hold maybe 20 customers when the patio is open!  In April of 2010  10 Magazine ranked them as the  #1 place in Seoul for brunch so I was excited to head out and try them.   However I need to learn to lower my expectations.  This place was good, but not someplace I would RAVE about or even go back to when there are so many other places in the city that are way Bim Bom, which is only 2 or 3 doors down. 

                                               YUMMY cinnamon apples & bananas on top of plain pancakes:
Crispy nut pancakes with chocolate chips.  Jennifer ordered this and her review on Facebook was:  (taken with her permission) 
"Gave a Pancake Story a try today in Hannam-dong . Cute place, great company, but the food did not make my taste buds do back flips. The pancakes needed vanilla and the nuts (stuffed) needed to either be slightly candied or the peanuts swapped for pecans. Thank goodness they allowed some chocolate chips to be added. :) I also had two over medium eggs, they were just eggs nothing fancy. The peach iced tea was tasty."
As for me, I ordered cream cheese and mozzarella pancakes (for 7,300 won), a side salad (I don't' know how much it was) and 2 eggs (2,000 won) over medium.  Personally I was highly disappointed.  The salad was lettuce a cherry tomato and a few sprouts - I ordered the dressing on the side - look at the picture.  The eggs were cooked over HARD not over medium and the pancakes were a total disappointment.  If you want cream cheese and mozzarella pancakes, which I think everyone should try at least once I recommend going to Butterfinger Pancake and have theirs! 
I'm glad I tried A Pancake Story & it wasn't bad, but it's not in my top 10 either. 
To drive here from post:
Exit Commissary gate - turn left
Stay right - Turn right onto Itaewon Street 
Turn left on Daesagwan-ro - this street has a light. 
(You will be going through a street with many lights and lots of people
walking - near Hannam Village)

Come to the end of the street and turn
left onto Dokeseodang-ro  (you will go under a highway of sorts-
Hannam-daero and straight across)
Right after you go under Hannam-daero  A Pancake Story will be on your left side on the corner. 
We parked across the street under the big office building.
(Where Dr. Sung's office is located.)

9AM-10PM M-F
Holidays & Saturdays 9AM-4Pm
They are Closed on Sunday!

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