A few weeks ago the girls and I went to Trevia in Itaewon-dong.
Not the main street in Itaewon, but closer to the Noksapyung Subway station.
OR out the Kimchi Pot Gate.

I have a couple of friends that just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place.
It is a quaint little place...they have coffee, beer, wine and all kinds of pizza!
And their presentation is very nice!
This sweet potato pizza was very unique.
 Pizza slice at top: 4 cheese pizza - 4 different types of cheese, but in the four corners (scratching head on that one!) Middle: pretty good, mushroom pizza and bottom: margarita pizza - seems to be missing a few things.
I'm glad I tried Trevia, but for a good slice of traditional pizza I would much rather go to my favorite pizza place -       Pizza Peel!
To get there:
From the Kimchi Pot Gate:
Exit and take a right.
Go down and cross the street.
Come out on the right exit and walk just a few feet and you will see Trevia on your left.
7/2/2013 10:17:02 am

Pizza looks good....pizza will never be the same for me after Italy!


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