If you have been following me for a while you know how much I LOVED Yum Thai when we ate here a few months ago.  In fact, I have dubbed it as my FAVORITE Thai restaurant in Korea and that is why I felt I really needed to share this hidden gem with the gals in the lunch bunch!  After lunch today I am sticking by my decision - Yum Thai is my favorite Thai restaurant in Seoul. I might even go as far as to say that the Sinsa area is my new favorite area in Seoul.
If you know of a better Thai restaurant in Seoul, please feel free to leave a message in the comments section and tell me all about it - and include directions!   
For newbies to Korea it might seem a little odd that they (almost all restaurants in Korea/Asia) deliver food when it is done...servers don't wait till everyone's order is ready.  They bring it out piping hot and ready to eat.  I kind of like it like this.  It was a hard transition though as I have always waited till everyone has their food to eat...however, I try to embrace the culture I am living in....like eating when the food comes out, no tipping your food servers or anyone else for that matter and moving people out of my way when in a congested area.  I really like that one.  Put hands on hips an scoot them over - and NO ONE GETS MAD!  How awesome is that?!

I tried to snap as many pictures as I could before everyone started diving into their food.  Some I tried, come I didn't.
Fresh Spring Rolls - if you like spring rolls, you will love these!
Yummy Thai Chicken Wings they always come out piping hot so you have to wait a little while to eat them or you burn the top of your mouth. I know this from experience.
Pad Thai - I'm not a fan of Pad Thai in general so I did not try this, but it looks good! :o)
Spicy Beef Salad is my all-time FAVORITE Thai dish. I could eat it every day. At Yum Thai I order it American Spicy and it has just the right amount of heat for me. Follow it down with a nice cold Singha and pretend you have sand between your toes and you almost feel like you are in Thailand....
Green Curry with Chicken. A little bit of Thai heaven.
Cashew Chicken. WOW. This could rival the Spicy Beef Salad. My friend ordered this, I had a bite and then I ordered one to go! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Both times I have eaten here I have LOVED it.  I wish it were closer OR that they would hurry up and open the new subway line so that Sinsa is only 1 stop from my house with NO line changes.  Does anyone know when they are opening the new line? 

Anyway....while having dinner I ask the manager/owner maybe (?) if I could have the Singha sign behind their beer tap.  He said yes, but I just thought it was one of those Korean type yes'...you know when they tell you yes because they don't like to say no.  (And I thought maybe he just wanted to shut me up...)  But when I got ready to leave he went and got the sign and gave it to me!!  I'm so excited!  Hubby loves his new sign (Singha is our favorite beer)!  Yum Thai, this just sealed the deal.  You have a customer for as long as I live here and I will continue to spread the word! 
To get there by subway:
Line 3 Sinsa Station -   Exit 1
Walk straight for 4 blocks (I'm counting all cross streets as blocks!)
After the 4th street look to your right and you will see Yum Thai on your right.
(A big tower name J-Tower is on the left side of the street directly across from Yum Thai.)

They accept reservations & they speak English
7/2/2013 10:24:26 am

This place sounds fantastic....we will have to go when I visit.


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