This summer the kids and I have put together a 'summer camp at home' sort of thing.  It's not too crazy to where they will get burn out, but just enough to keep them on some sort of schedule for the summer. I have found that my kids do  MUCH better when they are scheduled (less fighting, less complaining and they don't complain about not playing video games!).  

The kids have a list of things they must get done each morning and then in the afternoon we have theme days:
Make it Monday
Tuesdays with Trish - kids free day, Mom goes to lunch with Friends
Wondering Wednesday
Take a Trip Thursday
Family Friday

                                                     So far so good.  This was our first Take a Trip Thursday group:
I let Girl and Boy's 2 & 3 pick what they wanted to do for their first Take A Trip Thursday outing.
I could not believe my ears when they said they wanted to take a hike!
So like any good mom would do I did a little research and we ended up hiking Umyeonsan Mountain which is located right behind the Seoul Art's Center.

I feel bad that I can't give you specific directions to the trailhead, BUT the directions I took off the internet were not that good and it took us a while AND we went a convoluted way.  I can tell you a few things....
Line 3 - Nambu Terminal Subway is the closest subway station to Seoul Arts Center.
Click the link above for a map of the area. 
Go to the front of the SAC and look for the big overpass.
Go through the big circle - this is the trailhead.
When I go back I will update directions for you.
We only hike the safest of mountains!
At the summit!
This is a super easy hike.  Only 239 meters to the top.
With a spectacular view at the top!
And if your hike wasn't enough of a work out there is always more to do at the top!
I was so happy to finally figure out what the tires are used for!
How cute is this group?!
From the top we hiked over to Daeseongsa Temple.
I haven't been able to find much information on this temple, so just enjoy the pictures.
This hike is GREAT for beginners.
6/28/2013 08:30:30 pm

What a great ideal!! I would love to go on a hike!

Diyana Kamal
10/15/2015 07:01:08 pm

May I know how long did it take you to reach teh temple?


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