When THREE different (random) people tell me that there is a new 'Mexican' restaurant in town and that it is FABULOUS I tend to listen.  However when they say they have AWESOME Pork Carnita Kimchi Fries my ears tend to perk up like a dog that just heard one of those loud whistles that only dogs hear and it hurts my ears... 

Excuse me, but did you say Pork Carnita Kimchi FRENCH FRIES? 

What part of that other than pork carnitas is Mexican? 
I ask a few more questions. 

After several conversations I decided to give this place a try, BUT I also decided to go in NOT thinking of this place as a 'Mexican Restaurant'.  Good thing too. 

However what I have to say might SHOCK you.  Are you ready?

Pork Carnita Kimchi Fries are THE BOMB!!!

Holy Hell.  I'm not joking! 

And just to be clear, their chips (made on site), salsa (2 types) and guacamole where also pretty darn good too! 
To get there from Post:
Go out the Iteawon Gate. 
Stay on right hand side of the street. 
When you get to the alley where all the bags are, TURN RIGHT.
Pass the beloved "Bag Man" (on left)
Go to the next alley, and turn right. 
Vapos will be down maybe a block or two on your right, 2nd floor.  (This is the same street that if you keep going  you will end up on Hooker Hill.)
It is VERY SMALL.  (Not Hooker Hill, but Vapos.)
6/29/2012 11:48:26 am

Is this a fusion restaurant? What about tacos, burritos, quesadilla etc? Are they any good?

6/30/2012 08:13:36 am

JT, it is a fusion restaurant. I didn't try the tacos or burritos, but as soon as I do I'll post about them. Their chips and salsa were very good, and I did take a peek at the tacos our table mates were eating and although they were *TINY* they looked very good. Wish I had more information for you - sorry & till next time.

6/29/2012 02:11:57 pm

We went when they first opened. We liked it but Brent didn't think they gave you enough for the money. The food is good!

6/29/2012 02:12:28 pm

I loved Vatos!!

6/29/2012 02:18:23 pm

Those are some itty-bitty tacos! They are good though. We had to fill up on kimchi fries when we went.

6/29/2012 07:13:07 pm

That is my of my FAVs!

6/30/2012 09:26:11 pm



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