I know, I know, we have already talked about Vatos, BUT they moved and they are BIGGER and BETTER than ever - plus it is VATOS and they just deserve another mention.  I mean, just check out the bar selection - they have upped it a notch, PATRON baby, PATRON!
And check it out - the bar is bigger than the entire old location!  They went from being able to seat about 35 people to being able to seat over 100 people! 
I love being able to see into the kitchen.  This new location is amazing - it is so open and airy and VERY close to my home.  It's a win, win for me! 
They call them Kimchi Fries, I call them Crack Fries.  When you wake up at 3AM craving them, you know you have a problem!
Hello shrimp tacos!  Cooked to perfection! 
My mouth is watering just looking at you.
I'm not sure which I like more, shrimp tacos or galbi tacos.
How about a little nutella crunchy goodness for dessert.  Yes please!
If you are not up for Nutella nachos you should try this super yummy drink - I'm typically a straight up margarita girl, but this just might be my new go to dessert at Vatos! :)
A fabulous meal with some fabulous ladies!  Lovin' the new Vatos!
To get there from post -
Go out the Itaewon Gate.
Go to Itaewon
Cross the street at the first street crossing
Walk past the first alley
The street will split - you will be able to go straight into Itaewon OR you can veer to the right and go up a hill....
Veer to the right and go up the hill
Vatos will be at the top of the hill (right next to Standard Charter Bank)

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