I know, I know, we have been here for 3 months (as of tomorrow) and I still have not showed you guys my entire house.  As I told my MIL, I had all the boxed unpacked and the house pretty set in the first couple of weeks, but I ALWAYS tweak it for weeks/months to come.  

                                             This is what our front porch looked like as we were moving in:   
And this is what it looked like up until 2 days ago.  I have now moved the bench inside (I have plans for it) and am looking for a cute little bistro table to put on the front porch (better than a bench for sitting and chatting with friends and family).  I also have a couple of more plants out front.  For all my Texas & CAV peeps, notice the Texas flag and CAV flag? They will both always be in my heart and on my front porch!
Ganesha made the trip back to Korea with us too....Ganesha has logged more miles in his passport than many people I know.  Thailand ---> Korea ---> Texas --->Korea.  I wonder where he will go next?
Happy Wednesday!  :)
9/20/2012 04:43:29 am

Looks good - where's the CO flag????

9/20/2012 08:45:20 am

Colorado lives in my house. :)

9/20/2012 08:07:27 am

Wow! This looks fantastic and so welcoming!

9/20/2012 08:08:18 am

I miss your front porch gatherings and you!


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