December 31-January 3

On day 7 we moved again to what was our favorite little B&B, Grand Luis Lodge in the Philippines.  This B&B was up in Forrest area in Bohol -- beautiful and quiet!  This was my favorite location of them all, plus the house was amazing.
I loved everything about it.  We spent our last few days on Bohol just relaxing and enjoying our time together.
The kids loved the pool....
This is the outdoor shower!
The last sunset of 2013.
Goodbye 2013....
We rang in the New Year on the roof top of our B&B.
I have never in my life seen anything like it.
Fireworks were everywhere -- seriously, every direction we looked there were fireworks and the bulk of them lasted for a good 2 hours...and we are not just talking a few, the entire island was COVERED with fireworks going off.
When we went to bed after 2AM, fireworks were still going off.
On New Year's Day Hubby and Boys 1 & 2 went on a 'deep sea fishing adventure'.
Let me be the one to break the news to you....if there is not an 'organized' tour, don't ask anyone in the Philippines to organize one for you.  The fishing poles were the fishing line in the picture below, their bait was a conch that the boat driver dove underwater for.  He brought it onto the boat, broke it open with a rock and hooked it to the 2 hooks they found along the way.  The only fish the boys caught:
That's right, Boy 1 caught NEMO.  :(
They came home early from their 'fishing trip'.

Then we headed to the Alona Beach.
Where it rained on us for most of the day, but we didn't care, it was still super fun.
Girl found this awesome shell....
And the kids hung out with some local kids who showed them the ropes:
As soon as the boats would come in, the kids would just on, and off and on and off.  It was their own little playground in the water.  The boat drivers didn't seem to mind too much either.
And of course there were recycled Christmas trees everywhere.
On January 2nd we took the Supercat back to the Cebu where we spent our last night on vacation.
The morning before we headed home we had breakfast by the pool....
And Boy 2 had his last watermelon juice before we headed back to the land of the $20 watermelons.
Happy New Year!

(Yeah, Yeah, I know I'm writing this in March.)

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