This is a fun game I play with my Facebook friends.
(Yes, I stole it from Matt Laurer - Don't hate.)
And I just thought to myself, why not play it with you guys.
If you are a FB friend and you know where I was, don't play, anyone else feel free to guess.
3/11/2013 02:28:45 am

Maybe Hong Kong? That would be one of the places in asia where it's warm enough to wear shorts at this time of the year ;)

3/13/2013 02:59:14 am


Sara Allison
3/18/2013 03:35:09 am

I near the makapu'u light house on the windward side of Oahu. Jealous! We left Hawaii almost four years ago and I still long to go back. It would be so much more fun to live there with big kids (mine were babies then).

11/11/2022 01:03:45 am

Interesting reead


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