Sorry for the shotty picture...I took it with my camera and then had to take a picture of it with my phone because I realized too late that I don't have the right software on hubby's computer to upload it. 

Here are my hints from the 1st 2 nights of vacation....
The internet is horrible and many places advertise 'free facebook' which I am getting a kick out of
I am eating lots of mango
There are goats & chickens everywhere
The city itself is very dirty
I'm on an island that covers 65 km2 (25 sq mi), and is home to currently some 430,000 people
Below is a very popular mode of transportation
12/28/2013 06:48:23 am

Mactan Island?

12/28/2013 08:52:40 am

Glad ya'll are having fun!!

1/15/2014 02:22:19 am

Cebu, PH


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