I was at a PCE (Perfect Custom Experience - more on them later!) event when one of the PCE guys heard me talking about Thai food in Seoul.   I was talking about my favorite Thai restaurant in Seoul so far, My Thai in Itaewon which I can't believe I haven't blogged about yet...what is wrong with me?

Anyway, he told me about another place that he thought was better than My Thai - - Yum Thai!  Really, Yum Thai?  I can't imagine it being any better than My Thai, because My Thai is pretty darn authentic.   This is when he told me that the chef from My Thai worked with the chef from Yum Thai to develop his menu.  He also told me that the Yum Thai chef travels to Thailand every few months to get ingredients.    I was totally sold so I grabbed a bunch of friends and headed out to have a little Thai food.

                                                                   Singha is the only way to start a Thai meal.
I have one friend that doesn't drink beer so we ordered her the only 'mixed drink' available, a bottle of Thai booze.  This is the way they roll in Korea - you order an entire bottle instead of individual drinks - it is SO MUCH cheaper this way.
As the food started arriving it was hard to get pictures of it because as soon as it hit the table it was GONE!   Don't my friends know I need to take pictures?  I did manage to get a picture of one lonely little chicken wing:
They were very good....just enough spice and the perfect amount crisp!
We also ordered spring rolls (no pictures...) and crab balls (pictured below) I don't remember eating crab balls in Thailand, but they were AMAZING here in Seoul! 

Sorry for the blurry picture, but Buddy was moving them towards is mouth as I was trying to snap a shot! 
My Spicy Beef Salad was TO.DIE.FOR.
I had to stop several times for my mouth to cool.
Hubby ordered the Tom Kah Kai - HOLY HEAVEN.
My mouth is watering just looking at it. 
It had the perfect amount of FRESH galangal & lemon grass.
I was instantly taken back to Thailand.
This is a picture of the Green Curry with chicken.
The curry.
Not the picture.
Blurry picture again.
(Why do I feel compelled to point out the blurry pictures? Maybe because I was totally off this night?  Who knows.  Did I mention I fell in a hole?  True story. No, I had not been drinking.)
If you have ever been to Thailand and you are looking for that place that will take you back without buying a ticket, head over to Yum Thai!  Great food, great staff, great beer, the only thing that would have made it better is if there had been sand in between my toes and the prices were true "Thai" prices. 
But I guess that is asking for a little too much.  :o)
I ask the waiter to take our picture...he cut out half of us....bummer.
To get there by subway:
Line 3
Sinsa Station -   Exit 1
Walk straight for 4 blocks (I'm counting all cross streets as blocks!)
After the 4th street look to your right and you will see Yum Thai on your right.
(A big tower name J-Tower is on the left side of the street directly across from Yum Thai.)

They accept reservations
When we went (Saturday night 7PM) the place was PACKED and on a wait - I was thankful we made reservations!
2/22/2013 04:10:38 pm

i love Thai! I must try this place, did they have lunch hours as well

2/25/2013 06:46:01 am

Girl, I think the restaurants with the blurry pictures are usually the best ones. They've got the great low-light atmosphere and you're just totally focused on the food! It looks SO good.


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